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So as a lot of you already know, my skin has been suffering recently from eczema, and to be very honest, it can get very sore, painful and be overall discomforting and discouraging. I’ve been trying a bunch of methods to tame it, but so far have been having a bit of tough luck, even by using topical creams prescribed by the doctor, they only work short term, as soon as I stop using them, my eczema comes back.

This is a recipe I got mostly from the internet, but also used common sense to put together, seeing as I’ve had eczema on my body before, I already had previous knowledge on what will help soothe the skin a little. This recipe will not by any means cure any skin problems you have, but it will help soothe it.

I have normal skin, which in the winter, can become more dry and flaky, so this recipe is for you guys! Please do read my disclaimers, before trying out my skincare tips. ALWAYS do a patch test before trying out any skincare.

Okay, so now the recipe! I’ll be showing you guys a simple step by step, and will be giving the benefits of each ingredient after.


Ingredients and benefits 

  • Honey – I’m pretty much all round obsessed with honey! It has amazing benefits such as being a natural moisturiser, antibacterial and skin soother. There are also so many benefits of honey consumption, but for now let’s stick to skin! If you’re a Muslim, you’ll be familiar with the religious ties honey has to being a medicinal treatment, and I fully stand by it!
  • Sugar – The sugar in this recipe is mainly so you can massage the dead skin off your face, allowing new cells to regenerate. This is the exfoliation element, and I think it’s great because its a natural, inexpensive source. Face scrubs these days have micro-beads, and if you’ve done your research, you’ll know that these are pretty harmful to the environment (I’m not perfect but I strive to be better with environmental issues everyday!).
  • Oats – I did a lot of research on this a while back, and even once had an oatmeal bath to help a skin condition I had! It can help a lot with inflamed skin, as you get with eczema and psoriasis. Its rich in antioxidants, so it also helps to draw out the toxins in your skin. The soothing elements also help to ease any itching you may have, so as dry as it may appear, it can work wonders on your skin.
  • Turmeric powder – this is an all round anti-everything! It also helps with inflamed skin, so it can help reduce redness as well! Turmeric is known in skincare for improving the visibility of scarring. After I finished my degree (almost a year ago) my skin started to play up a lot, and I started to get those stubborn hard spots, that stayed for a lifetime, and then left scars that lasted a lifetime (or at least it feels like it!), so now I’ve started using this face mask and natural organic skincare, I’ve started to see an improvement in the appearance and balance in my complexion. This is also great for you ladies who have acne, I have never had acne, so I can’t first hand say it will cure you, but the properties of turmeric set you in the right direction!

All of the information I provided here has been taken from google (and using common sense), so if you would like to know more, definitely do a search on google to see what you find!

*Also, not all of these ingredients are needed each time, such as the sugar. This was only added to exfoliate the skin, so if you have sensitive skin, you can leave out the sugar, and the oatmeal will still exfoliate your skin. 


Before I start listing what I did, do bare in mind the quantities showed in these pictures were for 3 face masks! The quantities described in the instructions are for 1 face mask, and can be increased/decreased to your preference. I recommend using this face mask no more than 2 times a week, however you can use it without the sugar and oatmeal as a simple mask.

  1. Grab yourself a non-stainable bowl and spoon that you can mix all the ingredients in
  2. Add about 1 teaspoon of honey to the bowl. The honey is the soothing element to the mask, as well as moisturising and hydratingFEED YOUR SKIN - HOME MADE EXFOLIATING FACE MASK
  3. Add about half a teaspoon of sugar to the bowl, I used brown sugar because this was what I had. Granulated sugar is the best option, as this is the exfoliating element of the mask FEED YOUR SKIN - HOME MADE EXFOLIATING FACE MASK
  4. Next, add about 1 teaspoon of oats to the mixture. I used whole oats, but if you can grind them down into smaller pieces, that would be much more effective for this mask. These also act as a soothing element, but is mostly important for the people who have eczema (even if you don’t its still a great ingredient)FEED YOUR SKIN - HOME MADE EXFOLIATING FACE MASK
  5. Then, add about 1/6 of a teaspoon (so not too much) of turmeric. Turmeric will act as not only an anti-inflammatory, but will also be the element helping to reduce any scars you have, this is also great for those who have acne! FEED YOUR SKIN - HOME MADE EXFOLIATING FACE MASK
  6. Mix all the ingredients well together, and you should end up with a thick pasteFEED YOUR SKIN - HOME MADE EXFOLIATING FACE MASK
  7. Wet your fingers/hands, and take some of the mixture
  8. Start massaging the mixture gently into your skin (wet your hands a little more if the mixture is too tough)
  9. Apply the mixture all over your face (DO NOT, scrub on your eczema areas, just gently apply/smooth over)
  10. Leave the mixture to sit on your face for about 5-10 minutes, if you don’t have time or don’t want your skin to get stained from the turmeric leave only for a couple minutes
  11. Once the mixture has dried down a little, gently apply water to your face and massage lightly in again to loosen the mask
  12. Take off mixture with a spatula and wash the remainder of your face (the oats can clog your drains)
  13. Dry your skin lightly with a towel
  14. (Optional) I then apply my night moisturiser and oil to finish off, and voila!

That’s my home made, exfoliating face mask! I hope you guys enjoy trying it out.

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Iqra x

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