Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog, to be very honest, I haven’t been feeling the need to post that much. I apologise if you’ve missed my posts!

I thought it would be fun to do a favourites post of makeup I’m really loving at the moment or enjoying testing out; so sit back and enjoy!

I’m going to break the post down into ordered sections so it’s easier for you to navigate, by grouping all the face, eyes and lip products etc. together, hope it helps!


So as you guys know, my holy grail primer for my skin is Mac Fix+ spray, I find that it hydrates the skin well enough, but doesn’t cause makeup to separate once applied. I tend to apply my foundation whilst my face is wet from spraying this so it all mixes together. The way I do that is with a stippling brush, and then use a beauty blender to blur my foundation out. I personally find that other cream based primers are really bad for skin in the long-term, most have smoothing ingredients such as silicone, which can feel amazing in the short-term, but can clog your pores and create a vicious cycle where you become dependent on the primer, that’s why Fix+ is my go to.


Now, if you know me, you’ll know how much I love the SSE! Whilst a lot of people argue that it is on the pricier side of the makeup industry, retailing at £38 per pot. Anyone who has used the SSE will know how versatile the product is, as you can use it as concealer (my preference), foundation and even corrector. I use the shade SX08, which happens to be the yellowest of the shades, however for someone who is an NC30 for reference, can be a little dark, so I definitely recommend getting a tester before you purchase one of these as they can last for a while, the smallest amount will go a long way. I don’t like using this product for foundation, simply because I believe in only building product in problem areas, such as under eyes and around the nose etc.

This can be purchased from Beautybay, Cult Beauty, and Space.NK.


I was lucky enough to be sent this palette to try by the lovely Iconic London PR team, and currently it’s all I use to cream contour! I find that good cream contour palettes are hard to find, that especially cater to South-Asian skin tones. This palette is super pigmented and extremely easy to blend! I personally love mixing the bottom right shade with the bottom middle shade for my contour. If you do want to make the colours more ashy, the top left shade will certainly help do this! I also like to use the top middle shade to highlight under my eyes occasionally, but I do mainly use this to contour and am always continuously mixing the shades based on how I feel that day.

It can be purchased from Harvey Nichols, Cult Beauty or directly from Iconic London (who also do student discount) and retails for £32.99.


My personal preference is to always go for a more bronzed look, as I rarely wear blusher, I just feel like a more orange/brown based look suits me more. The Nip and Fab contour palette lets me do exactly that! I like to use the bottom middle shade mixed with the top right shade for contour, and the top middle shade mixed with the bottom left for bronzing up my cheeks, and at the moment this is my go to! Especially when I go to the gym, I’ll take this so I know I’ll have everything I need in one palette. Surprisingly, I love using these shades as eyeshadow! They’re super pigmented and blend out so easily, so when I want to go for a bronze eye look, I’ll always dip into these. That’s a trick I use when I know I don’t need dark brown eyeshadows, I’ll just dip into contour colours instead and they work just as good!


I think it’s safe to say, judging by my Instagram page I have shown this palette a lot of love, and here’s why. Sometimes, it’s just nice to not want a blinding highlight, you know what I mean? And I personally think this palette let’s you achieve a beautiful glow without it looking powdery, or creating a big stripe, or looking blinding; it just looks natural. My personal favourites are the two middle shades, Champagne and Rose Gold.

This palette is available to buy directly from Nip and Fab, but if you wanted to try it for yourself, selected Superdrug stores do have testers available to try. It retails for £15, however there are ALWAYS offers on this makeup range, especially at Superdrug, so if you can wait to get a few more £s off your purchase it’s definitely worth the wait!


I swear, I’ve never been so dedicated to purchasing anything more than I have from releases by Rihanna. I managed to get my hands on this duo highlighter in the shades Mean Money and Hu$tla Baby (these names are so Rih). There was a lot of mixed emotions about how this highlighter was perceived by everyone, simply because it was different to what was currently trending in the beauty industry – blinding highlight and packing it all on. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love a good heavy glam, but the Instagram beauty community has really rinsed this idea out that it’s become a bit repetitive and boring. We are slowly moving into more natural makeup, but I feel like the Fenty Beauty brand did their research properly before they released this line and really predicted the trend correctly, as you know makeup cannot be formulated overnight. I do have a mini review of this highlighter on my Instagram page which you can read HERE. However, I would just like to emphasise that the release of this line was based heavily on SKIN. The makeup released was made to look like skin as much as possible, and be more natural looking, and this duo is just that. Mean Money is picked on a lot because of it being very subtle, but it’s lovely for when you don’t want too much going on.

Currently this can only be purchased from Harvey Nichols in the UK, in stores and online and retails for £26 each.


Initially, this was the only lip product Fenty Beauty released in their line, since then they have introduced more in the Galaxy Collection. It currently only comes in one shade, which is supposed to be universal, meaning anyone can basically wear it, called Fenty Glow. I also reviewed this lip gloss HERE. The reason why this is one of my current favourites is because it isn’t sticky at all, and comfortably sits on the lips. However, I do warn, if you wear a liquid lipstick underneath it can become heavy, but other than that, I love it!

It retails for £16, also from Harvey Nichols.

I think that’s it for all my current favourites, but I should be back soon with more content to give you guys!

Whilst I do appreciate this post is a little heavy, it’s only because I’ve talked about a good handful of products, so feel free to scroll through and only read what you want to. Hopefully I won’t be leaving the next blog post for too long and I really hope you enjoyed reading this post!

As always, be sure to stay posted on my Instagram page @styledinsepia and show some love!

Until next time, lots of love,

Iqra x



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