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Hey guys, I know ways you can cut your makeup routine in HALF! I’ve tried and testing a lot of these things, as usually my good makeup takes me about an hour to do! So if you need to crunch time, or end up waking up late but don’t want to look like a zombie, continue reading! I thought it was about time I took a break from reviews, and gave you more tips for your makeup routine, so I hope you like this! It is really for people who have a similar makeup routine to me, so if you just wear mascara, all I can say is set an earlier alarm! Here are the methods I use below, some really are just basic, but can help on your struggle days:

    • Do you really NEED to cream contour? I’ve found that with a good brush, and a good quality bronzer/contour powder, you can actually achieve the contour look in a fraction of the time it would take to blend out your cream contour, try it, it really works for me!
    • Okay, so some of you looked at the previous point and said “there’s no way I’m skipping cream contour” I can accept that, and my heart is still open. I know a lot of people are into contour palettes, and whilst they are GREAT, they really can increase application time. I would definitely recommend investing (if you haven’t already) in a good stick foundation or concealer that you can use as contour. I own a few and have found they apply quicker and blend easily too. I currently own ones from OPV Beauty (CLICK HERE to shop, code ‘Sepia’ for some money off your order) and use the shades Ebony for a cool contour and Hot Cocoa for a slightly warmer contour, you can see swatches of these on my Instagram HERE. I also use the Iconic London Pigment Sticks also, however I feel that the shades I have just aren’t cool enough for me, but the blendability is incredible, you can take a look at their Instagram HERE and shop their Pigment Sticks HERE. If you’re looking for more affordable ones, I believe L’oreal just released a stick range and Makeup Revolution will also be releasing some very soon!

Use a good, dense brush to apply your foundation. I used to apply my makeup with a stipple brush, and it would just take so long to blend, even then I would go over with a beauty blender. I currently use a brush from a set I was gifted by House of Twelve Sixteen and I’ve never looked back. You can see the set HERE and shop via DM or their e-mail.

  • If you don’t like the naked eye look like me, instead of applying eyeliner (that you have to rub out with a cotton swab several times) I find it much quicker to quickly smoke a brown eyeshadow over my eye, even if it’s just a contour powder!
  • Speaking of eyeliner, I know some of you probably can’t live without it. If you own a black kohl pencil or any old pencil, try roughly putting it on your eyes as you would normal liner, then take a brush and blend it out! It’s not the same thing, but it can add depth to your eyes without needing to spend 20 minutes on the perfect wing.
  • Grab any old container, and pick out all the makeup you want to wear for the next day. I swear, this has been cutting a lot of time down for me because I know exactly what I’m going to use and don’t have to contemplate on anything, I even match it to my outfit!
  • If you catch public transport, take a few items with you whilst on the bus/train! Some people may frown at the idea, but when sleep calls, you may consider using that public transport time more wisely.
  • Unless you’re a pro at brows (I’d like to think I am) you’ll find that this part of your routine can really rack up some time (it does for me), with filling in AND concealing. Most of the time I find that brow pencils are the quickest to use, especially for those who don’t need much filling in. The only problem I have with these are that they finish too quickly! So if you’re using something like a pomade, I highly recommend taking a little bit of product and smoothing it out on a surface (I just use the ABH pomade lid) it will help with easier and less groggy application. If you’re into the more natural brown, use light quick strokes with a pencil, and it should look great!
  • Use your fingers! People often say its unhygienic to use your fingers (well Karen it’s also unhygienic to not wash your brushes for 6 weeks). Whilst it’s a little bit of a messier process, applying and blending things like concealer and eyeshadow can be much quicker by using your fingers! Imagine how quickly you’d be able to apply that cream contour you can’t let go of?

Have a mini night skincare routine. This sounds crazy, but recently I’ve been moisturising and prepping my skin a lot before I sleep, so when I wake up in the morning, I don’t need to use anything like glycolic acid to smooth out my skin.

  • Have a lip liner and gloss day. Sometimes I find it hard to apply things like liquid lipstick, and if you want to look cute but spend far less time, I’d stick to a lip liner and gloss, or a bullet lipstick, they apply much quicker!
  • Do you bake? I do. Try doing your under eye concealer as soon as you can (I prefer to do it after contouring), and then apply your powder to bake. Whilst you do this, you can do your eyeshadow or brows, even mascara. I like to swipe off my powder with a small fluffy brush so I can get in all the corners.

That’s everything I have (for now) and I feel like I’m out of tips, but a lot of these have helped me cut down on the time it takes me to do my makeup, combined you really can cut your routine in half. Of course practice will make a major difference, but that takes time (which is what we seem to have none of!).

I hope you enjoyed this post, and managed to get some good tips! Be sure to follow my social media handles, Instagram: @styledinsepia and Pinterest: @styledinsepia! AND subscribe to this website (found at the bottom of the homepage on mobile).

Until next time, lots of love,

Iqra x


  • Shabana @medora_wholesale

    Salaam sis,
    Wow love these fab little tips!
    I am as simple as you can get but even then I have my bad makeup days where nothing seems to apply right!

    Love the smudgy kohl liner tip. Going to try that tomorrow to jazz up my dull eye routine lol.

    Definately agree with the night skincare routine – that cuts massive time in the morning if your skin is smooth from night before.

    Thanks huni for these tips.

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