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The Struggles of a Faceless Blogger

Hey guys!

So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I haven’t really been feeling well with health and just posting to my blog in general, so I thought it was best to take a well needed break from excessive writing. I’m so glad to be back though!

For my first post back, I just want to detail and speak to you guys about the daily struggles I face as a blogger, but more importantly, a blogger who doesn’t like to show their face.

I constantly get asked, why don’t you show your face? And the simple answer to this is, I don’t want to, I don’t care for it, and it’s my personal preference and privacy. Of course, I understand that it’s natural for your audience to want to see the person behind the blog, so they can have more to relate to, but I’ve never wanted to put my face out there for the world to see, and I don’t intend to. I appreciate all the people who respect the decision, it’s not that I don’t want to be seen, it’s just I would rather my face wasn’t plastered all over the internet, as we know, it can get a bit wild sometimes.

I’m going to talk to you guys further about some of the struggles I have to endure being a faceless blogger, often working 10 times harder than your normal blogger who does show their face.

First up..

Brands assume your value is less than those who do show their face

One thing I’ve encountered time and time again when working with brands is that they automatically make the assumption that because I don’t show my face, the results of having some sort of paid collaboration will not drive results as high as those who show their face. Whilst generally, that may be correct, I don’t think it is with my blog.

The connection I have with my followers is pretty unique. I’ve built a lot of my blog based upon my personality, humour and of course, my skill as a blogger and influencer. So sometimes, when brands ignore this element of my blog, it feels like a slap in the face and an instant, you’re not good enough.

I’m continuously given excuses such as “we don’t have a budget” when providing my rates, and truthfully, it becomes both frustrating and exhausting. Making a living from my blog simply because I don’t show my face is far harder than your average blogger who is totally open.

I recently have been lucky enough to go to events, but a lot of brands will not offer to pay my travel. Now wait a sec, I KNOW what you’re thinking. Why should you need your travel expenses paid? Here’s why; if I paid to go to every event I was offered, I would be out of pocket; that’s how expensive it is. Especially as I’m not from London, which is where most events are held, it can become overwhelming. I’ve been invited to more events than I’ve managed to attend, so cherry picking my events is hard enough already as I do generally enjoy them.

The problem here is that, I need to attend events in order to just become more integrated into the blogger community, and essentially show I am a worthy enough blogger to be associated with the brand holding the event. It’s great when you get to take goodies home, but it’s like redeeming my travel expenses for some products… I’ve still paid for something at the end of the day.

I’m a Blogger AND Content Creator

Here’s another issue I’ve come across increasingly lately. It’s the idea of how my work should be valued. I’ve been asked to create content for a fair amount of brands, but have only taken up work with those who are able to pay me appropriately.

I will not be mentioning any brands or prices, but I can tell you the offers made to me occasionally, are insulting sometimes. Bearing in mind, some brands want all the content edited to perfection for very little money, it’s daylight robbery.

The content I produce is always of a high quality, so when someone comes along and asks for xyz at such a small cost, it gets stressful. I usually lay out my rates for these things and I’m well aware of what the industry standard is, long story short, I still charge extremely reasonable prices.

The problem here is that the assumption is made that because I’m a blogger, I’m going to do my work for dirt cheap. Sometimes it makes me want to throw the whole blog away altogether with some of the offers made to me, whilst the brand full well knows what type of drive my images can bring.

I think I’ve refused more jobs than accepted, simply because I don’t ever want to devalue my work.




Other Bloggers automatically assume that you’re less than

So another thing I’ve come across recently is that the blogger world can be heavily competitive. Whilst I try to be as supportive as I can to other bloggers, some really don’t see it that way. For a lot of bloggers this is a number game, how high can your followers and likes be, and how low can your following be.

Sometimes, I follow bloggers I think are really cool, but after a while I realise they aren’t so great. It’s all in the responses.

The wave of love I had as a blogger completely shifted after I hit 10k followers on Instagram (how bizarre). Some bloggers who wouldn’t even look my way or comment back to me all of a sudden loved me. It’s a bit creepy if you ask me, so do watch over your shoulder.

Most of the time, you’ll get MANY bigger bloggers who won’t follow you unless you have a ‘K’ next to your name, sounds ridiculous but yes, it’s a thing that happens.


Expect to be dropped when other bloggers hit it big

The growth of my blog has been much slower than your average blogger, which to me is fine, but a lot of the time, I’ve been asked for advice on how to start up a blog, or get more recognition etc. Now, I have no problem giving this advice out to people, but the reality is, I had to stop.

I noticed an ugly pattern of bloggers biting the hand that fed them, taking advice, and once they made it big, unfollowing and forgetting you altogether. When stuff like this happens to me, I don’t take it to heart, I just find it a little crazy how social media can completely brainwash people.

I actually think sometimes I’m dropped BECAUSE I’m a faceless blogger, I mean they don’t have to worry about seeing me in the street and hiding behind a bush – funny because I can still see them!

I just want to let you guys know that this isn’t a spill the tea post at all! It genuinely does contain information that start up bloggers might find useful, and daily struggles I go through. A lot of people assume that blogging is glamorous, and one side to it is; but it comes with a lot of strings attached, and not everyone can take the heat.

A LOT of the times, a combination of these things puts me off blogging heavily, but when I think back to the amazing support I get from my followers and how far I’ve managed to come despite being a faceless blogger, I keep going.

Thanks so much to each and every one of you that supports my blog, it’s so amazing to see this much love from people globally! I’ll be bringing many more reviews to you guys in the next few months, so do stay tuned, and thank you if you’ve stuck around for this long!

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Until next time, lots of love,

Iqra x



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  • Shosho

    You were, are, and always will be good enough for the right brands and people!
    Those who are able to see that you put so much time and effort into your content and reviews, will feel compelled to collaborate with you for these very attributes.
    Keep fighting Afa! In Shaa Allah much more success to follow ❤️❤️

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