SEPHORA goodies! – Swatches and review

Hello to all of you beautiful people!

Your response to my last post actually blew me away! I seriously didn’t think this blog would get this much love; so thank you so much. I’m currently listening to Major Key so I’m a little bit more than motivated right now haha.

Now, I went to Barcelona last month and I was so excited to go to Sephora! Although the European Sephora’s don’t stock brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, or Huda Beauty, it’s okay, I still wanted to try Sephora’s own brand.


Now let’s get down to the individual swatches and my thoughts on the product quality.

There are four eyeshadows, one lip liner and one lipstick.

Let’s start with the shadows, I will use the same format as my previous review:


‘Red Wine’, ‘Haiwaiian Beach’, ‘Girl Night Out’ and  ‘Hollywood Calling’

  • Consistency – The quality of these shadows seem really good, although I’ve only seen my sister wear the glitters (yes these shadows belong to her), they seem really sparkly and blendable. The pigmentation on these shadows seems like a let down though, for the price, you would think you would get good strong block colours, so I’m a little disappointed with that.
  • Pressed quality – I’m happy to say that these shadows seem to have extremely little fallout! However, I feel like the achievement of great pigmentation whilst maintaining little fallout is something a lot of cosmetic companies struggle with. I know Norvina, the daughter of Anastasia Beverly Hills has spoken about this before.

  • Glitter shadows – The sparkle on these eyeshadows are amazing! They have a real sparkle as opposed to a metallic look most shadows have (especially the ones from palettes). The sparkle is certainly not a tacky one at all either! It can be worn in the daytime and still look completely fine.
  • Colours – Sephora have a HUGE range in these colours so I was more than happy with the ones my sister chose. In the order the pictures are shown, they are called ‘Hollywood Calling’, ‘Haiwaiian Beach’, ‘Girl Night Out’ and ‘Red Wine’.


image2 (1)



  • Packaging – I do feel like the packaging could do better, I don’t know why, but it reminds me of Collection packaging. It could do much better; but it’s not terrible, black packaging always saves companies from the worst.
  • Price – In Spain, these eyeshadows were 9,95€, which equates to about £8.50 (damn you Brexit). Now I do feel this is seriously pricey for single shadows, although you do get a lot of product, you do just get ONE colour for that price.

Now overall I do like these shadows, but I only prefer a few of the colours, ‘Hollywood Calling’ and ‘Haiwaiian Beach’ are amazing; these are both glitters.

Would I really recommend these to a friend? To be honest, no I wouldn’t. The only time I would recommend these is for makeup artists who do party or bridal makeup! My reasons for this are because you get enough product to use it multiple times (as opposed to palettes) and you get some serious shimmer!


Now to move onto the lip products, I will first mention about the lipstick, then move onto the lip liner, so here goes:


  • Consistency –

The lipstick is actually amazing! I LOVE it. It applies like a lipstick, then dries like a lipstick. This lipstick honestly does not even budge. Not even under water! I was seriously surprised by the quality and it’s longevity. The lipstick applies so smooth, and leaves no sheen finish.

The lip liner has a really nice consistency, however it changes a lot when actually swatched on the lips. It reminds me so much of KIKO’s lip liners, and those lip liners just don’t do it for me.

  • Colours –

The lipstick colour is soooo pretty, out of my comfort zone but I know I will get good use out of it. Sephora have a wide range of these lipsticks, however I did find they REALLY lacked in browns and nudes, just mostly pinks. I purchased the shade no.22.

The lip liner is a little disappointing, when swatched on my hand, the pigmentation is crazy and looks amazing; however when swatched on my lips it seems to be much lighter! I purchased the shade ‘Deep Brown’.


No.22 and ‘Deep Brown’

  • Packaging – 

For both, the lip liner and the lipstick, I find the packaging is better and more sleek. Thumb’s up from me for sure aesthetically.

  • Price –

The lipstick was 12,50€, which I do again feel is pricey for the amount of product given, and here, although I love the quality, I feel like I haven’t gotten my money’s worth which is sad because I love the lipstick!

The lip liner was about 5€, which I also feel was pricey for the amount of product given, and was a let down in quality, Rimmel give me better liners with a lower price and my favourite quality!

Overall, I don’t think I would reccomend the lip liner to a friend, I feel like it’s a waste of money, however I would reccomend the lipstick to someone who’s really into pink lipstick! If not, you can as always find cheaper and better quality alternatives.

That’s definitely it from me today! I know this post was long but I hope you enjoyed reading through it and found it useful! Don’t forget to leave your comments, likes and feedback as always, and let your friends know!

Lots of love,

Iqra x

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