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I just want to start with another massive thank you for the love this blog gets; it’s not the biggest nor is it the most interesting, but you guys take a look at it and that’s enough for me.

Now, I never thought about doing a post like this until recently. I have soooo many friends and just lovely people I know on my Instagram page, @styledinsepia, a few of which that are makeup artists. These people tend to inspire me on a daily basis and really do have pure talent. I find Instagram is saturated with loads of artists who just follow trends that are unnecessary and don’t channel their gift as much as they could. What I mean by this is, these makeup artists I’m going to show you each have their own signature way of applying makeup, they apply it just the way they would on their own face, and although none of them are the same, I would go to them all for different reasons. That’s the great thing about makeup artists, there are a lot to choose from; but I think it’s also important to note that when you choose a makeup artist, choose them based on THEIR work, not another makeup artist’s work you have a photograph of and want reproducing. MUA’s have their own individual flare, and regardless of what they charge, you should be happy with the way they do their work.

Now to get to my favourite makeup artists. I’ll explain along the way as to why I’ve chosen these people and mention my favourite things about them professionally and individually. These will be in no particular order either, as I believe each have their own incomparable uniqueness. I will list them by their Instagram names, so feel free to look through their work. Here goes:

  1. @tamannabeauty

Tamanna really is a beautiful soul. I remember she was one of the first people to help me with my blogging and got me noticed. So Tam, for that I’m always grateful. You opened doors for me that you may not have even been aware of, but I always keep these little secrets locked up.

Her work is so beautiful! To me, it gives the traditional vibe, and she is so educated on what products to use as she is also a beauty blogger! I could honestly sit and stare at her work all day!

You can check out her website HERE. Tam is also based in London! Check out a few images of her work I picked up from her page below:

image2 (3)
The beautiful Tamanna herself.



Now, Aisha is an extraordinary makeup artist to me. I have been a fan of hers for about two or so years, and she’s grown incredibly in her profession. She is so sweet and caring, and I feel like her personality is reflected into her work.

Aisha really knows how to smoke out shadow and blend it to perfection. My favourite works of hers are always when she uses smokey brown or plum colours. Her smoke technique just shows how delicately she handles the shadow.

Although she’s a well known artist on Instagram, she’s not stopped with her support for my page, which is so amazing. Support like hers is what makes me continue with this blogging and I always want to give her a hug, plus look at her gorgeous model face, mash’Allah!

She really is a gem to me.

Here’s some of her work below:

FullSizeRender (4)
The flawless beauty Aisha, covered in emerald goodness.


3. @tanji.s

Tanjia is honestly someone I did NOT expect to support my page; not because of her personality, or the way she is, but because she’s such a well respected artist in the industry. When I took a little break from my blog and came back, she was one of the first to make me feel welcome again, which was a shocker because I didn’t really think she knew I existed, so her support is a major motivation in me continuing this blog. Her support is always continuous and she always makes me feel like I can do more.

Now to her, it will always be the case of ‘I can do more’ which is so inspiring, but by seeing her work in Vogue and occasionally doing the famous model, Neelam Gill’s makeup, to me she’s already hitting places some people would only dream of.

I would describe her work honestly like the work you would expect to see on a runway model. There’s no harsh contouring, blinding highligh or over filled brows – nothing of the sort. Her work brings out the natural beauty in her clients, and it’s so beautiful.

Tanjia, I’m so grateful to you!

Here’s some of her amazing work below including her Vogue work (left) and Neelam Gill (right):

FullSizeRender (8)
The flawless Tanjia!


4. @ceharasohh

Let me start this by saying the work she does on eyes is incredible! She gets every single element of her looks right, and the fact she showcases these on herself just makes them even more stunning.

I remember following this lovely lady when she was just starting out, and I was always thinking, wow… She really needs to be a makeup artist! Although she’s based in the US, I would love to see her work some day!

Here’s some of her work I picked up from her Instagram below and check out her Youtube page HERE:

FullSizeRender (12)
How beautiful is she!?


5. @farahfirdous

This is someone who I have known for quite a while now, before I even started my blog; but when I did, I was always showered with constant support from this beauty.

Her work is seriously amazing, and I do feel although this may break the rules of what I said earlier, she is one of those artists who can adapt to what their client wants. Farah does have her own style, but it’s so amazing how she can use different techniques to create completely different looks and I think that is admirable in an artist.

Not to mention, I seriously think she looks like Shay Mitchell, just flawless!

Here’s some of her work below:

FullSizeRender (13)
Some of her client work.

6. @shanarabeauty

I love this girl so much! Shanara is truly an amazing makeup artist. As soon as I saw her work, I just knew, she was going to be successful and go places.

To me, she is just the Queen of nose contouring! There is a certain sophistication about her work that just makes it so appealing to the eye – it’s just gorgeous. There’s not just one thing I can pick out that’s my favourite in her work, because every time she creates a look, it’s all in harmony, they’re just flawless.

Shanara is one of the very first artists that supported my page, although she was unaware I was totally fan girling when she followed me, I really was super excited.

Beyond the Instagram account, she’s just the sweetest person and super down to earth! She takes her work very seriously which is so amazing to see. A determined individual who likes going the extra mile.

Here’s some of her amazing work below (I found it extremely hard to narrow it to just three) and way more can be found on Instagram with before and afters:

FullSizeRender (18)
An amazing look on a beautiful model!

8. @makeupbyzahram

Now this girl is the definition of real. I really admire and respect her ability to resist the temptations of photoshop on Instagram. Her work is raw and it’s real, and I love it.

She really knows how to smoke out her brown shadow, which is a personal favourite of mine!

Zahrah is a makeup artist that not only has talent but is also a beautiful person on the inside. Her constant support on my page, where she never fails to miss a post is really the most valuable thing to me. In the beauty industry, it can be hard to trust people with your wedding day, or even just a party look, but Zahrah is someone who you wouldn’t have to think twice about. There is no worrying as to whether she’ll be true to her work, and it’s respectable.

I can’t wait for Zahrah to grow even more and become as well known as she deserves, because her work is beautiful as is she!

Check out some of her work below and be sure to take a look at her blog too, which you can find HERE:

FullSizeRender (24)


Right guys, that’s all from me for today and I’m sorry that this post seems like an essay! There’s just so much talent out there that is worth recognising!

Be sure to like this post if you enjoyed it, leave any comments and follow my Instagram page @styledinsepia!

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Lots of love, 

Iqra x

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