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So as promised (unfortunately a while back) here is my review on the Makeup Revolution, Renaissance lipsticks!

I purchased mine from Superdrug when they were offering a 3 for 2 offer, but if you want to take a browse of all the shades, you can click HERE and HERE to view on the TAM Beauty website.



I was quite surprised by how much I liked these! Retailing at £4 each, the quality isn’t bad at all. The colour range is also surprisingly nice seeing as a lot of drugstore makeup brands fail to offer the right brown shades.

The shades I purchased were:

Natural lighting, left to right: Vintage, Breathe and Vow

Now, personally, when I got all 3, I found that Vow and Breathe almost looked identical; but when I swatched on my lips they looked so different! Depending on your preference of moisture in lipstick, both would be amazing nude lipsticks for Asian skin tone (I’m an NC30/35 for ref).

Vow has a greyish undertone to it, so when applying, use a warmer dark brown liner, it will look so good!

Breathe is similar, but doesn’t make you look as washed out, so a cool dark brown lip liner will do (I use Cappuccino from Rimmel, can be found HERE).

Vintage is more of a chocolatey brown, having the warmest undertones, but the same creamy, moisturising formula as Breathe.

Edited lighting, left to right: Vow, Breathe and Vintage

Below I’m going to list the good and bad things about the lipsticks overall:


  • Very moisturising (Matte not drying if paired with lip balm)
  • Colours for all skin tones
  • Great value for money
  • Packaging – so sleek!
  • Pretty waterproof


  • Wearability is short with touch ups regularly needed
  • Creates an unattractive line on the inner rim of bottom lip and corners of mouth
  • Can dry out lips


Overall, I actually love these lipsticks! Crazy to believe that these were my first drugstore lipstick purchase ever! Although they aren’t as long-wearing or as opaque as MAC lipsticks, I’d say they come in as a pretty good alternative to them if you’re looking for something cheap. A friend of mine actually thought that I was wearing Velvet Teddy from MAC when I wore Breathe. Here’s a comparison swatch below for reference:

Left: MUR Breathe, Right: MAC Velvet Teddy 

They’re not exactly the same that’s for sure, but I reckon if you used a pinky lip liner underneath Breathe you would get the sameish colour! If you’re worried about having the same colour all over your lips then use a dark brown on the outer line (which is what I do)


I hope you enjoyed this post guys! I know I’ve been out of the game for a while so I’m attempting to make a slow comeback.

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Until next time, lots of love,

Iqra x


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