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Hey everyone!

Over this Christmas break, I’m going to try and churn out as many reviews as I can, so any suggestions you have are always more than welcome, just simply drop me a direct message on Instagram.

So as many of you already know, one of the most satisfying purchases I made was the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, from House of Fraser in the Black Friday sales.

Every year during the winter, the skin on my hands tend to start cracking in between the fingers, cuticles and knuckles; it’s actually quite painful because the dryness can cause bleeding if I don’t take proper care. This year,   I suddenly found my upper lip and above drying and flaking quite extremely and I believe it is down to the weather, so I purchased this cream so I could get that intense moisturisation that doesn’t feel heavy on the face.

I used this cream, and so did my mum who has more aged, and sensitive skin, and she helped me create this review for you guys, giving her opinion (she’s so cool I know!).


This cream is a part of a range, so there are different products you can use to target different things, click HERE to view the range. It retails for £24.50 for the 50ml size, and a pricey £45 for the 125ml size. If you compare this to my current moisturiser, from the Simple brand (click HERE to see).

You can purchase one with SPF 30, as they do this as another separate product, click HERE to see, and this is at the same prices and sizes as the original product (I kind of wish I purchased the one with SPF now, remember, SPF protects your skin from sun exposure!).

I was lucky enough to purchase this at 25% off at House of Fraser, so it was worthwhile for me, but different retailers do different offers during the year, so it can be worth holding out for at 20% off (the usual discount).

Thoughts broken down

Kiehls Ultra Facial cream

Here are the pros and cons of the product:


  • Light but very effective
  • Heavily reduced the cracking in the skin on my hands
  • No greasy residue left after application, or stickiness
  • As soon as you apply, skin instantly feels soft
  • Appears to be fragrance free, but smells a little like E45 cream
  • Great as a makeup base, makes makeup application much smoother (recommended to my fellow MUAS)
  • The packaging, although I initially preferred a squeeze tube, my mum said at least with this screw top you can get EVERY. LAST. BIT.
  • It loosens the skin instantly
  • Decreases skin flaking


  • The smell bothered my mum a little, the resemblance to E45 cream makes it smell like a medical cream rather than a cosmetic cream
  • The price is more on the high end mark, even I personally think it is expensive if it’s not on offer
  • Upon application, there is a strange stinging sensation, it lasts only a few seconds really (but if this happens to you, please do let me know!)
  • For those of you with really sensitive skin, this may be a bit of a far stretch for you, as I did research and many people experienced breakouts and skin irritation with burning sensations (much more extreme to my experience)
  • I have had a few breakouts since trying this cream, now whether that’s down to this cream, or just me, I will certainly be putting to the test and updating you guys!

Part review from my Mum 

Some specific points I’d like to mention are from my mum’s review of the product, as I believe I have pretty good skin, whereas she has more problems and is probably more relatable to some of you guys (yes I do see my age demographics and consider you all). She does get some extreme drying on her face, and some of you ladies did specifically ask me about this cream because of your need to perform ablution (in relation to the Islamic faith), this is where my mum’s review becomes extremely handy. Here are her key points:

  • Saw very little improvement in dry skin in hands and around eyes.
  • Feels the product is very expensive if it’s something you’re going to wash off every few hours (and I agree)


As you can see, whilst I found the product to be okay, it still wasn’t as great for someone with extreme dry skin areas. However, that being said, I personally do recommend this to people with dry skin, specifically in the winter time, and those who want to improve the appearance of their makeup. I would not recommend this to anyone who is on the look out for a miracle cream, it is good, but it’s not that good for the price tag, also for those suffering with sensitive skin, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the price tag.

If I would repurchase this, I will have to keep continue testing, as it’s only been a little while, so things could change, and I will try to keep you update if I do notice any changes via my Instagram

Until next time, lots of love,

Iqra x

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