Huda Beauty alternatives for just £5.45?

Hey everyone!

I realised this morning that it had been almost TWO weeks since I uploaded my last blog post. The crazy thing is, people are still continuously viewing that post, it proved to be so popular with you guys, so thank you for tuning in!

Now, about 2/3 years ago, I had never worn a false pair of lashes simply because my natural ones are super long; but as they started to thin down and become a little damaged from my mascara obsession, I decided on special occasions I’d wear falsies instead of piling on heaps of mascara.

The first pair of false eyelashes I owned were the Eylure 141’s. These are now SUPER popular, but back then they weren’t so well known. Judging from the price for lashes these days (Huda Beauty lashes retail for about £18 on average), it’s always nice to get something affordable that will also look great. I purchased mine from Boots, click HERE to take a look.


These are actually a favourite of mine, I find that they are a cross between Huda Beauty lashes, in Giselle and Samantha. The great thing about them is they are dramatic without the thick lash band that I’m not a massive fan of. However, they do have the wispy, long and short lashes to make it look natural but make your eyes pop.


I literally do not own many false lashes at all, but these are ones that I will always recommend to anyone who needs lashes quick and that are affordable. I’ll write my general thoughts on these below to give you an overview and insight:

  • Pretty cheap lashes that you can easily pop into a store to get RRP for £5.45
  • Last very long! Approximately 3-6 uses depending on how well they are kept (check out my how to clean your lashes video HERE)
  • Don’t lose their shape easily
  • Good enough dupes for Huda Beauty lashes, especially in the style ‘Giselle’
  • Lash ends do not break off quickly
  • Can be used for special occasions AND everyday wear
Bottom: Huda Beauty ‘Giselle’ Top: Eylure 141

That pretty much sums it up for these falsies! I really do love them and I would totally repurchase them without a doubt.

Thank you for tuning in, and as always be sure to check out my Instagram page @styledinsepia or if you would like to contact me e-mail or use the contact page!

A little special treat for those of you who managed to reach the end of this post, click this link to get £10 off a £40 spend at SPACE.NK!

Lots of love,

Iqra x

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