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Hey guys!

So we’ve now come to that time in the year when Black Friday sales are lurking about, where you can get some great discounts on products, just in time before Xmas (oh how coincidentally convenient!).

I’ve decided to write a little guide on how to go about the sales, and how you can prep for them so you make sure you get the most out of your money as well as get the things you want. If you know me, you’ll know I have pretty good self control when it comes to buying, and when I do buy, it’s NEVER full price (I just simply refuse).

This won’t be helpful to everyone, as some may label it as not being this extreme or serious, but when you’re on a budget, you NEED this.

So here goes:

  • Make a little list of the brands you want to buy from or have seen things you like from – This gives you an idea of how much you’ll probably be willing to spend, so brands you’re not so bothered about, cut out and narrow your list by process of elimination.
  • Sign up to newsletters! – I can’t stress how many messages and questions I get on discounts when it’s all in a newsletter! They will give you updates as soon as they can and are the most convenient way of staying in the loop, once sales are over, you can opt out so you don’t keep receiving them.
  • Make an account on the brand website, and get your card/paypal details ready (this is only for stuff you REALLY want) – I’ve found by doing this you can checkout MUCH faster, and especially for high ticket items or hyped sales, it’s actually a must!
  • Make a wish list! – Search the website and find all the items you potentially want or definitely know you’re going to buy. It’s actually quite important, that you do this whilst SIGNED into your account. It sounds super extra, but honestly TRUST me. When you find something, there will be an option to save to your favourites, or add to your wish list or something of the sort! Your account will hold all of this info, so when the sale does come about, you can straight add items to your basket and check out! Usually they’ll automatically be discounted when added to the basket so do make sure you double check the price.

Do a quick google of discount codes that potentially can give you some extra money off your purchase! I remember doing this last year for Accesorize, and ended up getting an extra 30% off sale items (best feeling ever)

  • Check to see if you can get cashback from the retailer you’re purchasing from – I often use Barlcays cashback, whereby you shop on the retailer website through the Barclays website (so the cookies can track you’ve used the cashback option), and I end up getting a few extra £ off sometimes. Even if it’s 1%, it’s still something.
  • I also use TopCashback, which is a great website to get money back on, and free to use! You can simply sign up HERE for free.

Those are all my tips for how I prep and shop for sales! But there are some things you need to consider also:

  • Not everything on sale is worth it – Some brands will put up prices, just so they can put them on sale! I’ve seen this happen with a few brands, and I’m pretty sure it goes against UK law, so do be aware.
  • Don’t purchase something JUST because it’s discounted – I know this is hard, but you’ll thank yourself after for saving some extra coins. If you weren’t going to buy it or were interested in the first place, you probably don’t need it!
  • Some items will be much more heavily discounted on Boxing Day! – This is when items really are a MUST go for brands, so if you’re trying to purchase something that’s not that popular, just wait it out if you can risk it. I personally try to hold myself back a lot, especially with brands like Zara, then I go crazy on Boxing Day!

That’s everything! Happy shopping guys, and remember to not go too crazy! If you have a roof over your head, eat good and are able to sleep at night, you’re blessed! We don’t always need everything.

Hope this helped! Do let me know, and be sure to follow me on my Instagram @styledinsepia and my Pinterest account @styledinsepiaLots of love,

Iqra x

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