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Hey guys!

So, I get asked a lot on Instagram, what I use to edit my photos and how I manage to get them the way they are. Whilst I can’t give away all my secrets, I will be directing you guys towards the apps I use occasionally to get my photos to my desired effect.

A lot of the time, people think that my photos are taken on a professional camera, but all I use is my iPhone 6s! I use the normal camera app to take my photos, and occasionally I’ll turn on the HDR feature so lighting can be  auto adjusted.

  • One of the biggest keys to taking good photos, specifically on Instagram as a blogger or influencer is LIGHTING. I cannot stress this enough! Find the biggest window you possibly can and take your photos in front of it. This may sound weird, but different times of the day will also give you different lighting. I’ve noticed in the mornings I tend to get much more natural, fresh lighting, midday it’s much more orange because of the sun and more towards the evening the lighting is good but not overly bright or orange (this is my preference). This really depends on where the room you’re taking photos from is though, as the lighting from the sun constantly changes.

    • Don’t overthink the arrangement in the photo. Often when something has been to strategically placed, you can tell. I tend to start a little strategic, but then let everything else around be relaxed with placement. Don’t try to cramp too many things in one photo and definitely don’t continuously take pictures of just one product, it can make your feed look so bare! I tend to switch up photo arrangements so my feed looks more appealing. It’s also important to try and not make the photo look flat! By this I mean, try and bring a more 3D element to the photo with some things closer to the camera and some things flat (this really depends on your preference though).
    • Apps – Definitely don’t be afraid to use the Instagram app itself! This is what I mainly use to edit the lighting in my photos. Sometimes the sun can be a little strong, so I’ll turn down the warmth in a photo so it doesn’t look as intense. Another thing I really LOVE doing on the Instagram app is using the sharpen tool. It really does make the photos stand out a little more. A few other apps I use are VSCO, Facetune, InstaSize (for labelling) and Watermark P for my watermarking. I try not to use that many apps or over edit photos because I like to keep them as natural looking as possible.
    • Get yourself a decent enough camera. As you can see, my iPhone 6s is sufficient enough, but if you really want to get into photography you can invest in a better camera.

  • Have a theme for your feed. Now, this is one of the hardest parts of having a good Instagram page. I personally don’t have an exact theme, but recently I’ve been really into white, marble backgrounds. A while ago my theme had a hint of the Aden filter from Instagram on it, and that worked for a while, but it wasn’t as nice as I thought. The best themes incorporate clear photos, with natural lighting, in my opinion, or those with good vibrant colours, remember, your photos have to draw people in. my main theme in my feed is bringing out whites.


And that’s pretty much it for how I like to edit my photos. As you can probably tell, I don’t like doing too much to them, the more natural the better, but just a few enhancements.

I hope this helps you guys in some way! I’m definitely going to start bringing more content to you guys in the coming weeks, so any suggestions you have on what you’d like to see, don’t be afraid to let me know!

Until next time guys, lots of love,

Iqra x

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