Honesty and Disclosure 

All reviews and opinions given on this blog are my own unless specifically stated. My reviews are honest and true to myself always.


This blog (www.styledinsepia.com and media linked) is subject to copyright. All posts on this blog have been written by me (Iqra) unless stated otherwise. Photos used on this website are also subject to copyright, and credit is given to photos that do not belong to me wherever possible. If in any case you wish to use my photos, please seek permission by e-mailing styledinsepia@gmail.com.


Occasionally, some blog posts and photos will include products that have been sent to me by brands. This will always be mentioned and clearly stated on either www.styledinsepia.com or on my Instagram page @styledinsepia.

All PR and business enquiries can be made by contacting me through e-mail:



If or when a post, product or review is sponsored, I will clarify that payment has been taken in order to promote the product. Sponsorship will only be taken that fits within the content of this blog.


This blog does supply advertisements to third-parties through Google Adsense.

Hold Harmless Clause 

The content and purposes of this blog are only for entertainment and informational purposes (based upon my opinion) and should not be seen as direct advice. Whilst the information I provide is as accurate as possible I am not liable for any person(s) who wish to take my advice on board. If you are seeking advice for a condition (i.e. Beauty: Acne) please consult a specialist or professional first; I am not a professional, thus the information provided on this blog should not be seen as professional advice.

Reservation of rights

All rights are reserved for this blog and associating social media. Management of this blog may change at any time, as well as the focus and content.

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