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Hey guys!

I’ve tried to get this post up as soon as I could, after just recieving an e-mail from Instagram detailing that I could reactivate my account!

I’m going to talk you guys through what’s happening and what YOU should do to help! I’m not an expert, but with the research I did and what my experience has been, I will let you know everything.

As so many of you know, my account was disabled on Sunday evening at around 5pm.  I was unable to access my account and checked that it had indeed been disabled altogether.

The reasons for this are because Instagram’s actual database has been hacked. This is by a hacker organisation (easily googled, I feel like I’m saying Voldemorts name), who have been responsible for hacking high profile accounts such as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Their aim was to take people’s personal information, such as phone numbers and e-mails, and distribute this information in exchange for money, celebs’ are being sold for $10. Whilst it is unknown whether these people have access to your phone number and e-mail, to my knowledge they are just being distributed as you would normally hand your phone number out. They also have not gained access to personal passwords or anything, but I can’t promise for sure that this is the case, if they can hack Instagram, they could probably get those details too.




I believe this may have occurred as a message was continuously popping up on my screen, not allowing me to use my account without submitting my phone number:


When trying to log back in, a pop up display message was shown that allowed me to ‘Learn more’ about my account being disabled. The reasons given were that I had violated Instagram’s terms and conditions (which I hadn’t).

It took me to a page like this:

And I proceeded to click the ‘LET US KNOW’ option towards the end of the page.

Following this link, the page proceeded to ask whether I was a business or personal profile (in simple terms, not exact words), my account is personal so I did use that option.

It then asked my full name, e-mail address, username and country (e.g. UNITED KINGDOM). I entered all these details (multiple times on multiple occasions, just to get my message out).

Following this, I recieved an e-mail, that contained these details:

Just like most of you, I was VERY hesitant about this e-mail, as it did look very suspicious. Further to add to my suspician, the e-mail address looked fake. However, I can assure you that this e-mail is REAL. In my opinion, the reason why the address looks so fake is because your initial enquiry by submitting the online form generated an e-mail specific to your appeal. I did a quick google search and found that this was the case back in July when a similar thing happened and people got their accounts back after verifying who they were. I am a faceless account, so doing this was difficult for me, but also note the e-mail does NOT ask for any severely, personal sensitive information, just simply your name (its debatable if you find this sensitive, even I do), username and the code provided in the e-mail. I submitted this around 10pm the same day my account was disabled.

Fast forward, I heard not much for a good few days, but today (Wednesday) I was notified by Instagram at 11am that my account had been reactivated. Now, not everyone was fortunate enough to be notified, a lot of people just simply attempted a log in and got back into their account. So ultimately, to sort this chaos out it took 2-3 days which is what I heard from majority people.

The e-mail will tell you to log back into your account, and you will have been given a default e-mail. I replaced this with my normal e-mail I used previously as I’m not too fussed as to whether this is out there.

A lot of people have warned me about turning on TWO-FACTOR authentication. I’d like to clarify, in my situation this did not make a difference as to whether my account was disabled or not. However, I would still HIGHLY recommend you use this service provided in the settings of the app, to protect and secure your account as much as possible.

I’d also like to note, my comments were being blocked on another account I made as a temporary, so please be wary of this too.

I hope all this information helps! If there’s any more info you guys have that I could add to this please do leave them in the comments or send me a dm/e-mail on either my IG account @styledinsepia or my e-mail address

Please stay patient and hopeful guys! Remember, these people can only have as much power as we give them!

Lots of love,

Iqra x

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