Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance palette review

Hey guys!

I’m finally back and feeling better with my blogging; I kind of let go for a while hence why I’ve been so quiet on here, but hopefully that is all about to change!

So a beautiful childhood friend of mine, gifted me the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette as an early birthday gift (shout out to A’ishah). Now, I had actually been in two minds about this palette, because I NEVER wear bright colours on my eyes, so the pink colours scared me a little. The browns in the palette are what I was really looking forward to, but also the orangey colours. The palette is a good mix between summer and autumn, plus winter, so I know I will get good use out of this baby.


Now for the actual review!

The palette retails for £41 on websites such as Cult Beauty so it definitely doesn’t come cheap.


I’m going to talk through it step by step like I have previously with other reviews, on my @styledinsepia Instagram page! So here goes:

  • Consistency – The quality of the shadows seem really good, with the shadow nice and soft and easily blendable, even with the brush provided in the palette. The actual pigmentation consistency is even with no ‘splodgyness’ when blending.
  • Pressed quality – Some of the shadows seem to have MUCH more fallout than others. For example, the top right brown shade, ‘Cyprus Umber’ is one of my favourites in the palette, yet it is also one of the ones with the most fallout.
  • Glitter shadows – Some of the glitter shadows in the palette seem to actually lack in ‘sparkle’ although they do have great consistency. One of the shades, ‘Primavera’ reminds me of ‘Bubbly’ from the ABH glow kit in ‘That Glow’, so it is a great shade for the inner corners of the eye.

  • Colours – I feel like there are a good range of colours, with a mix of browns, oranges and pinks, it’s easy to create so many looks; best of all it can be used for everyday looks as well as more glammed up looks.
  • Packaging – Glamorous packaging as always, as expected, however this palette had a little twist with cute pink velvet on the exterior.
  • Provided brush – Really good for packing on eyeshadow but terrible for blending! I couldn’t stand the scratchy feel of the bristles and stuck to my Zoeva brushes; but I think I expected that from synthetic hair.



Overall, I really do like this palette, however, I feel like it could do better and be improved, especially for the price you’re paying (although one must keep in mind that you are also paying for the brand!). The fallout from the palette does annoy me a little, seeing as I lose so much product from having to blow it away, but the velvet exterior to the packaging is so glam!

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, ONLY on an affordability basis though. I do believe there are much cheaper alternatives just without the big Anastasia logo (although I do adore her products).

That’s it from me for today! I really do hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions or contact me via e-mail or Instagram and most of all, let your friends know!

Lots of love, 

Iqra x



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