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So recently, I’ve been testing out quite a bit of makeup thanks to brands such as Nip and Fab and Iconic London. Luckily, I was sent some foundation in a Nip and Fab package, but my only issue with it was that it looked a little grey, although I used the yellowest shade I could find (20), the foundation unfortunately did look a little grey and dull. Now, this isn’t to say I don’t like the foundation, as it is truly a GREAT formula, especially for people who get oily, as the matte formula keeps your makeup in place; but, I do feel like the foundation could use a glow element, which is where I got this idea for this blog post from, so if you want to bring a little life to your foundation, continue reading! I will try not to make the post too long, but will be incorporating things I do, which have been tried and tested.

  • Moisturise your skin! You will be surprised how much taking care of your skin can help the appearance of a foundation. If you have minimal problems with your skin (speaking from my personal experience) you will be shocked by how doing something as simple as moisturising will help the application of your foundation. I’ve been testing this method for a few weeks, so for me, it has made a real difference to foundation application. Whilst this WON’T change the colour of your foundation or anything, but it definitely will make it appear less dull and worn out. I tend to apply oils and moisturiser before bed, but not everyday as I like to also give my skin a rest. I also moisturise first thing in the morning, and straight after a shower, it helps to give you time to allow your skin to fully soak the moisturiser.
  • Use a dewy spray! I currently use a range of sprays at the moment to make  my foundation look less dull. Definitely do be aware, there is a difference between a finishing spray and a setting spray! The type of spray I’m talking about is the finishing spray. The one I feel like is an OG in my collection is MAC Prep and Prime Fix+; this for me honestly brings SO much life to your base. I tend to only spray this on as a primer, so before my foundation but after moisturising my skin. If you really want your foundation to look dewy, apply the foundation whilst your face is wet and it will all mix together and look healthy! Other sprays I like and use daily are the Primark Primer Water (I don’t recommend for sensitive skin) and the Nip and Fab Primer Water. You can also spray any of these after you’ve applied your makeup to rehydrate it as powder can mattify further.


  • Add some highlighter to your foundation! Now, you can either do this by chipping off some powder highlighter (too painful for me) or using liquid highlighter and mixing it together on the back of your hand or a mixing palette. Now, for my ladies will yellow undertones, if you have any gold highlighters that are on the yellow side, they would be great to mix in with your foundation! A highlighter I’m not using that much currently is the Kiko 208 Water Eyeshadow, which has yellow undertones, so I’m going to test this and report back to you (so don’t take my word for it!). But what I have tried is the Iconic London, liquid Illuminator Drops (click HERE to shop from Iconic directly and HERE for Cult Beauty), in the shade Original, mixed in with my Nip and Fab foundation, and it looked great! It’s important to not add too much otherwise you may end up darkening the foundation (this is why I suggest a yellow highlighter). This option may not be for everyone, but I tried it and I liked it!
  • Use yellow corrector mixed in with your foundation! Now I know, this will probably change the whole formula of what you’re wearing on your skin, but it’s an option if you really have nothing else.

Those are my personal top ways to make your foundation look less dull, you can always google other ways if none of the options have provided work for you, as I understand there are different skin types and skin tones and it’s not a one shoe fits all concept.

Hope this has helped and please leave feedback where you can by commenting or direct messaging me on my Instagram @styledinsepia.

Keep a look out for new reviews that should be coming to you much more regularly now, and if you ever have any suggestions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Lots of love,

Iqra 🍕 x

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