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Hey guys!

So some of the recent purchases I made from Superdrug were on a promotional offer from this website I’ve often talked about called TopCashback. The offer is back and even better, as this purchase can be on anything from the Superdrug website (please see T&C’s for full info). I made my purchase on Makeup Revolution as that’s what it was at the time, and I got the entire £15 cashback (so I basically got everything for free, yay!)

It’s absolutely free to sign up! You won’t receive your £15 (Superdrug cashback). Please read the full terms and conditions on the website to see how long it will take for you to get your cashback. 

*UPDATE* currently there is no £5 Primark e-gift card, and my refer a friend bonus is £7.50 now instead of £15 (thought you guys would want to know) 

You can use my referral link by clicking HERE. By using my referral link, I will also be rewarded with £15, and you will get a £5 Primark e-gift card as well (I have no knowledge of how to use the gift card). If you don’t want to purchase/view from the swipe up option on Instagram, click the top right icon (iPhone), press copy and paste into your browser so you can still earn your £15 cashback using my referral link! I’d like to stress that you are in no way obliged to use my referral link! The £15 rewarded to me does not get released to me until you guys earn at least £10 worth of cashback after this offer, so don’t worry, it will take a long time before I probably see that money haha!  

Once you’ve signed up using my referral link, make sure you’ve authenticated your account and search for ‘£15 Superdrug’ in the search box on the Topcashback website. This £15 is the cashback you will receive altogether! The offer won’t be at the top, as it IS NOT the 2.1% one, so continue to scroll down until you see this deal:


Click on the deal and then you should see this:


This offer is only valid for NEW members, or members who haven’t started earning any cashback yet.

I definitely recommend maxing out the £15 cashback if you can, they will even include the delivery cost! Make sure you do read the full terms though prior to purchasing so you don’t miss out. Choose the deal that is best suited to you!

The offer ends 10/06/2018 23:59 so get it whilst you can!

Things to make sure you do: 

  • Sign up using my referral link by clicking HERE
  • Make sure you click on whichever cashback deal works best for YOU. 
  • Make sure you click “get cashback” so the site can correctly track that you are purchasing through them (and they will redirect you to the Superdrug page)
  • Don’t use any discount codes with the offer unless they’re directly posted underneath the deals, as it may invalidate the cashback
  • Please do search on the site for all your questions and queries, I do not work for Topcashback, I’m just simply sharing an offer I found. 

I thought this would be a great little thing for those who may need a few quick bits from Superdrug, for free! And especially those of you who signed up using my referral link but haven’t started earning yet.

Thank you in advance if you do use my referral link, it will mean the world to me! All of my referral links help me fund my blog. Without this deal I wouldn’t have reviewed one of my most popular posts on the Makeup Revolution Fast Base foundation sticks!


The way cashback works on this website is that you must purchase with your own money, through the Topcashback website and shop normally as you would. Topcashback will direct you to the retailers’ website once you have clicked on the deal you want. They then track that you’ve clicked on the offer through their website, and then will give back what the offer amount in £ originally was when you purchased.

I received £15 cashback for my order, which is what the offer was at the time.

You are given a few options of how you can get your cashback on the ‘Payout’ section under ‘My account’. These options include vouchers to spend at other stores, PayPal transfer, or BACs transfer (to your bank account).

In order for you to get the cashback into your bank account, you must fill out your ‘Payout details’. You can do this by clicking My account<My profile<Payout Details. And after doing so, go back to the ‘Payout’ section previously mentioned and the BACs option should be available.

Please note: Once you change these details, you cannot withdraw money for up to 72 hours, so I recommend putting in your details now so nothing is delayed when the cashback comes through! The website need your bank details so they can pay you correctly, as often you can transfer the money directly into your account.

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Until next time, lots of love,

Iqra x


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